So the username was ridiculous and I thought that hey, it's been about a year and then some this community has been open, a little change doesn't hurt.

If you're still interested, feel free to join and affiliate with cloudplush :D! ♥


I don't believe I will be posting at rabumaker anymore because it's still pretty much ~undiscovered~ and I'd rather post in one place than two, but it will be open for anyone who wants the graphics, tutorials, and bunch of psd's there. That being said, I bring you a new psd, I hope it's of use to people. I would icon Bonamana stuff, but everyone has and I see no point in having shitloads of the same stuff.


~** download **~



Sorry for spamming your f-lists, but just a quick reminder that we still need more applications for graphic makers :3 there's still time to apply, so if you're interested, please comment here.


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whoa, it's been forever since I've posted. sorry about that. I was posting at my other comm and then my inspiration just disappeared. it still hasn't fully returned. :/ but I hope this batch is ok. ♥ (& btw, this is still cakearts, but on a new journal~ :D)